English Communication and Management provide language instruction and training in business and management situations, including business correspondence, negotiations, public speaking, networking, report and proposal writing, vocabulary for professional purposes, and reading for professional purposes as well as the fundamentals of management skills. This is a 1-year program. 

Admission to the Program

Applicants must present:

1) An official High School Diploma or an official transcript from each college and university attended.
2) A completed Application for Admission form.
3) For international students: Proof of proficiency in the English language. Students must produce results of a TOEFL score of at least 500 paper–based (173 Computerized) (60 internet based) or pass the University’s English exam.

Learning Outcomes

Upon Completion of the Certificate in English Communication and Management, students will be able to successfully:

Demonstrate the ability to access, read, interpret, analyze, and evaluate textual materials across traditions, genres, and media, with critical attention to both diversity and complexity.
Develop both an awareness of different audiences and the persuasive skills needed to deliver effective arguments and verbal presentations.
Communicate effectively in a variety of dynamics from interpersonal to large group settings like public speaking.
Apply ethical reasoning and critical thinking when evaluating current cases and trends in the industry.

Requirement for the English Communication and Management (48 Quarter units)

In order to complete a graduate degree, a student must:

1) Satisfactorily complete the required courses listed below.
2) Maintain a 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale

All students are required to take the total of 48 quarter units of the courses as follows:

Program Core Course Units 27
Elective Course Units 21
Total 48