Mission Statement

Southern California State University prepares students through biblical education to
serve the church, communities, and organizations, globally, with the ultimate goal of impacting the world for Christ and His glory.

Institutional Objectives

To achieve mission, Southern California State University has developed the following
institutional objectives.

At the end of the degree program, students will be able:

  1. Knowledge of the Bible and Christian history.
  2. Awareness and life long commitment to personal and academic development
  3. Attitude of service and leadership in their discipline and community
  4. Biblical and ethical standards in personal lifestyle and career

Philosophy of Education

Southern California State University is a school founded on Christian principles. SCSU
is set to prepare students with Biblical and academic knowledge. Here at SCSU, we
believe that through knowledge of scripture and application of it in the real world, true
spiritual growth will emerge. By doing so, SCSU is committed to preparing its students
for a strong relationship with God. SCSU will provide its students with the necessary
scriptural instruction and practical skills to work well in their private lives and
ministerial positions.

Ethical Conduct

Southern California State University is a school founded on Christian principles. SCSU
expects all employees, faculty, administrators, staff; and students to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, recognizing that basic principles of ethical conduct require individuals to:

  • Be honest, ethical, and truthful.
  • Act with integrity and professionalism.
  • Respect differences and honor the rights of all individuals to feel safe and
    welcome in our community.
  • Follow University policies and procedures.