Student Life

We create opportunities for students to make the most of their experience, providing the people, places
and programs that support their growth, wellness and success both life and spiritual. Students at the
Southern California State University are diverse cultural and varied educational, professional, and
personal backgrounds.

New Student Orientation

Beginning University is an exciting and, perhaps, daunting step. You are faced with many choices and
opportunities. We want you to make the most of them. New Student Orientation introduce programs,
rules and regulation to students to understand more about university.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities is your gateway to outdoor recreation and sports. Whether you want to try how to
surf, rock climb, or simply pursue the pristine beauty and freedom of the wilderness and the beach,
Outdoor Activities is for you. Los Angeles has everything close by.
Along with enjoying amazing trips and outings, you’ll explore environmental conservation, grow in ways
you’ve never imagined, and become part of a healthy, active, outdoor community.


Meeting with successful people leads to meaningful experience. The most successful people master
today’s issues and think ahead about the best solutions for tomorrow. We focus on providing the
information you need to be at the forefront of your profession.In our complex world, there are no
purely good and evil. Our goal is to provide information in its full context so that you will have a more
comprehensive understanding of issues as they arise.