Transfer Students

Transfer of Credits

Academic credit received from regionally and nationally accredited institutions are usually transferable to Southern California State University, provided they satisfy the requirements for the particular program in which the student is enrolled. Grade of C or higher are acceptable for transfer. SCSU credit will be given only after the receipt of an official transcript from the school attended at the request of the student. Only approved courses on this form are eligible for transfer. No credit will be given without an approved. By signing the form, the student acknowledges and accepts these policies. If the institution or the courses have been disapproved for credit, no further processing is possible. Transfer credits are not computed in a student’s qualitative grade point average. Transfer credits are counted as credits attempted and earned for the purposes of calculating a student’s progress in the program


    • Any undergraduate student who take courses at a college or university other than Southern California State University must inform the Registrar about transfer of credits. After its evaluation, SCSU giving result to student prior to enrollment. Courses taken without this approval may not be counted toward the degree.
    • Approved undergraduate courses with a grade of C (2.0) or higher may be counted for SCSU credit. Credit will not be accepted for courses which:
      • Are taken at non-accredited colleges, trade schools, extension programs, correspondence programs or have been identified as being remedial or in other ways as being non-transferable.
      • Are taken on a CR/NC or Pass/Fail basis where the CR or Pass grade is not equivalent to a grade of C or higher.
      • Are identified as duplicates to course work already completed (excludes courses that may be taken multiple times for degree credit).
    • For the bachelor degree, students must complete at least 50% of courses through Southern California State University.


    • At the time of admission to a program, and if approved by university, a student may transfer from an accredited institution for work completed no more than five years ago.
    • A course credit may be transferred when the grade received was at least a “B” (3.0), and if taken on a CR/NC or Pass/Fail basis, where the CR or Pass grade is equivalent to a grade of B (3.0) or higher.
    • If a course was used to satisfy a degree requirement, it usually cannot be used for transfer credit, with the exception of core or prerequisite requirements.
    • For the Graduate degree, students must complete 75% of courses through Southern California State University.